Boost Your Kids Experience In The Kitchen

Create memories with handcrafted wood products perfectly sized to get your toddler safely into the action without the heavy lifting.

Meet the Highchair Schuster Booster




"My one year old is doing dishes. This is EPIC...seriously, every parent should have one of these. My daughter loves it and I love that she is gaining early kitchen skills."

"Purchased the Schuster Booster for Christmas dinner coming up. My grandson could use the high chair this year again but since he is almost three I purchased the Schuster Booster. Absolutely gorgeous! The craftsmanship on this piece is stunning. Matches my dining room set perfectly and we all will be sitting around the same table. Great memories are going to be made for sure. He will enjoy being a big boy like the rest of us. You cannot go wrong with this wonderful heirloom quality item for years to come."

"Absolutely love these towers. Stained both in a dark espresso and they look amazing! My boys love that they can help in the kitchen without concern for falling off a chair. Well worth the investment!!"

"Perfect for our toddlers to help us out in the kitchen! They absolutely love them! Great quality and very fast shipping!!"

"We have 2 Schuster Boosters that we use every day for our 1 year old and 3 year old. They easily slide right up to the kitchen table so everyone can eat together at one table. It is lightweight but sturdy. I can easily slide it around on the hardwood floor, even when our daughter is sitting in it, which makes it handy to sweep underneath. I love that the finish on the chair matches our dining room chairs."

"Very quick shipping and amazing quality! It is very sturdy. I am not sure how I lived so long without one of these for my little guy! It is a game changer!"

"We absolutely love our kitchen helper tower for our son. I can't say enough about this product and the fabulous shop owners who go above and beyond for their clients!"

"Very high quality stool made with beautiful wood. Shipped faster than expected. My 16-month old loves being able to see the countertop and help with meal prep! She can also climb up independently to learn how to wash hands. I feel it is very much worth the price."

"I can't believe we didn't buy one earlier! This is a game changer for my toddler and me. She can help out in the kitchen easily and she's excited when I go into the kitchen. She learned how to go up and down in less than a day without my help. Thanks for the great product!"